Every organization has key corporate team members and leaders that struggle to find the best methods to overcome both personal and professional obstacles. My job is to identify the core needs of the organization and through consultation, coaching and speaking engagements, to create a new model in which all obstacles are overcome. Outcomes of effective coaching include:

• High-performing individuals and teams with defined goals, including self-generating and self-correcting client goals

• A customized organizational plan that ensures progress toward goals and strategies

Individual Coaching

Team Coaching

Performance Coaching


The goal of Team Coaching is to strengthen organizational effectiveness and enhance work relationships through improved communication and understanding of one another’s work styles.

Once the strengths and skills sets of the team are identified, obstacles impacting team performance are identified and addressed. Team goals and accountability are also defined.


Performance Coaching enhances strengths and areas of opportunity for growth.

It also helps managers and team members clarify and achieve maximum performance, while helping them to manage behavior and emotions during times of tension and conflict.


Through online assessments, leadership presentations and seminars, the goal of Individual Executive and Managerial Coaching is to assess and improve leadership competencies, communication skills, and work relationships.

Interpersonal self-awareness and professionalism, along with general managerial skills and professional demeanor, are targeted in individual coaching.


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