Gain greater self-awareness - discover your core values and beliefs

Receive support and validation in a non-judgmental environment

Improve your expression and management of your emotions

Improve your communication and interpersonal skills

Gain new perspectives

Achieve greater self-acceptance and self-esteem

Change self-defeating behaviors/habits

Identify your purpose and find hope

Learn effective life skills

Learn techniques to reduce anxious and depressing thoughts

Develop confidence, trust, and belief in yourself

Feel calmer and more in control of yourself and your life

Break recurring stressful life patterns

Recover from trauma and loss

Understand healthy relationships and begin to heal damaged ones

Counseling is a positive approach to managing emotional distress that disrupts our peace of mind at home and work. Together, we will find new ways to think about daily problems, improve self-esteem and self-care. My goal is to help you identify and build on your strengths, work through negative feelings and establish a greater sense of well-being.

Dr. Jude Miller Burke has over twenty years of clinical experience at nonprofit mental health centers, Honeywell, and UnitedHealth Group. She is licensed as a psychologist in Minnesota and Arizona, currently providing individual counseling to adult women and men.

We want a sense of well-being in our lives and personal challenges and business stress can harm our physical and mental health. As a counselor, I will provide a safe environment for you to examine your goals, habits and behaviors, and to reflect on feelings that may be keeping you from making healthy changes in your life.

Licensed Psychologist

M.A. Counseling Psychology

M.A. Organizational Development

Ph.D.  Human & Organizational Systems

About Jude Miller Burke, Ph.D.

A positive, practical, and insightful approach focusing on:

Life transitions
Relationship challenges
Childhood adversity
Work effectiveness
Performance enhancement


Benefits of Individual Counseling with Dr. Jude Miller Burke