Childhood Trauma and The Impact On Adult Work Life

It should not be a surprise that adults are impacted by their childhood adversity. Social science research clearly demonstrates bad childhood experiences impact one’s adult personal and work life – from anxiety, depression, anger management and more. This keynote helps the participant in:

Understanding work style patterns for men and women if they grew up in a family with adversity
Gaining insight into how one’s childhood experiences can affect work style and leadership as an adult
Recognizing career obstacles as a result of adversity
Recognizing and planning for one’s own specific work triggers that increase the likelihood of immature behaviors
Practicing compassionate accountability as a leader

The Big Five Personality Traits that Predict Success

This keynote is based on a research study of 300 highly successful women and men and includes:

Teaching participants the factors that lead to success
Enhancing the personality traits known to increase the likelihood of success
Developing an effective work style including how to increase social influence and communication
Illustrating the recommended career experiences that lead to success
Becoming an influential leader

How Working Men and Women Become Successful: Gender Similarities and Differences

While the majority of individuals may believe men and women’s success paths are very different, this workshop focuses on what men and women can learn from each other. Based on Dr. Miller Burke’s research and her research subject’s specific advice and guidance, it demonstrates that there are more similarities than differences between successful men and women and both genders can learn from each other. This keynote focuses on:

Enhancing critical personality characteristics
Improving your work style – your brand
Increasing your daily resilience
Overcoming common obstacles to success
Gender related obstacles
Developing social influence skills
Becoming a better leader

Career Obstacles For Women: Past Trauma and Current Sexism

While there are many similarities between successful women and men, women face unique obstacles in reaching professional and financial success. Based on recent research of over 100 self-made female millionaires, results demonstrate success for women is impacted by: shouldering the majority of child and household care, sexism at work, impact of childhood trauma, and stereotypes about leadership. Senior-level executives can also clearly communicate the obstacles they have witnessed for women on their pathway to success. This keynote helps participants:

Identify common career obstacles for women
Understand how past childhood trauma affects women’s work styles
Recognize their own triggers that limit their success
Learn about strategies utilized by “millionaire” women to achieve personal and work success
Create their personal plan for personal and work place success

Coping With Stress and Anxiety is currently the number one requested topic for employee educational seminars.

This seminar brings employees together and teaches practical coping skills for dealing with isolation, anxiety, and depression. Scheduling this seminar shows support for your workforce during this time of stress. Many factors have created increased anxiety including: remote work, less contact with coworkers and supervisors, and facing professional and personal uncertainty.

Coping With Stress and Anxiety provides support, insight, and behaviors to improve personal and professional well-being.

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